Sunsweet® – A Premier American Brand

Founded in 1917 as the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association, the cooperative served as a marketing agent to offer the crops of its members - under the brand name "Sunsweet" - to consumers at better prices than were offered by individual growers.

Sunsweet is the world's largest handler of dried tree fruits including cranberries, apricots and prunes. A grower-owned marketing cooperative representing more than one-third of the prune market worldwide, Sunsweet processes more than 50,000 tons of prunes a year.

Today, Sunsweet processes and markets the dried fruit production of more than 350 grower-members with orchard holdings primarily in California's Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys. After nine decades, Sunsweet boasts an enviable brand recognition of 85 percent in American households, placing it in the very top rank of long-standing successful American products.

Sunsweet's Yuba City, Calif. headquarters is home to the world's largest dried fruit processing plant, with the highest product quality standards anywhere. Each day, an average of 40,000 cases of Sunsweet products are sealed and marked for worldwide distribution. Sunsweet also holds a bottling facility in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania for its juice products.

Sunsweet is globally-recognized as the leading brand in premium dried fruits, and delicious prune and plum juices. Packaged prunes, dried apricots, dried mangos, Prune Juice and PlumSmart® Plum Juice are all core staples of supermarkets and food stores worldwide.