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PlumSmart® Plum Juice

PlumSmart Plum Juice is a smart way for your patients and breakfast patrons to start the day.  PlumSmart is made from a special California plum variety that our growers harvest to make prune juice.  Its crisp, refreshing taste appeals to people who just aren’t fans of prune juice.

Now your patients and patrons can enjoy new PlumSmart® Light with the benefits of original PlumSmart with 60% less calories and sugar and:

plumsmart plum juice
  • 3g fiber per serving
  • Only 11g sugar
  • Prebiotic fiber to increase the level of beneficial cultures in the digestive tract
  • Delicious, crisp, refreshing taste.
PlumSmart and PlumSmart Light are available in:
PlumSmart Plum Juice 8/48 oz
PlumSmart Light 8/48 oz