Value Proposition

Sunsweet® prunes are so delicious and versatile, it may surprise you to learn that they have an incredibly low cost per serving compared to other products.

One 6/#10 can of Sunsweet pitted prunes supplies between 32 and 36 individual portions, or approximately $0.18 for a 3 prune serving! And since one serving (approximately 3 prunes) supplies 11% DRV of fiber, Sunsweet prunes are all you need to help keep your clients feeling great.Sunsweet Products

Commitment to Quality

Sunsweet utilizes a proprietary special process to remove pits.  This is the most efficient mechanical method known for pitting prunes, and allows Sunsweet to have the following advantages over other pitting methods:

1) An incredibly low pit incidence (.05% by count versus .5% Ashlock, 2% Elliott)

2) Less fruit lost in the pitting process, leaving the tastiest fruit near the pit intact

Sunsweet uses high-speed optical sorting equipment to separate defects prior to processing.   Paired with Sunsweet’s pit detection devices, we can customize pit fragment and foreign material tolerances to the lowest levels in the industry.